Finding ‘unravels’ the story of human origin

(EBC, 10 February 2016) - An Ethio-Japanese international team of researchers announced a finding on Wednesday which it claims to unravel the story of human origin and emergence.

The finding is believed to provide a new insight into such outstanding scientific controversies surrounding human origins as when and on which continent the African ape and human lines first evolved.

A new 8 million-year-old fossil ape unearthed by the researchers in Mieso woreda, western Hararge Zone of Oromia Regional State, strengthens the view that the human and the modern ape lines emerged in Africa between around 10 and 7 million years ago.

The fossil ape named Chororapithecus abyssinicus, the first of its kind from south of the Sahara, shows that monkeys and apes were evolving within Africa.

And the new Chorora dates show that this likely ancestor of gorilla is 8 million years old pointing to the fact that the actual gorilla-human split must have been up to several million years before that.

Thus, the new research supports the early divergence hypothesis of the human-gorilla split at around 10 million years ago and the human-chimp split at around 8 million years ago.

Source: ARCCH