Ethiopia ready to host potential investors, says President Sahlework

OBN Jan. 31, 2019- President Sahle-Work Zewde held talks with Ms. Sabine Dall'Omo, CEO of SIEMENS responsible for Southern and Easter Africa regions.

Ms. Dall'Omo stated that SIEMENS is already engaged in Ethiopia focused on the energy sector with which it is currently executing the Kenya-Ethiopia Inter-connector in Sodo.

She further elaborated that her organization is working on industrial solutions for sugar, cement oil and gas industries, according to office of the president, according to Office of the President.

According to Ms. Dall'Omo, SIEMENS focuses on energy generation, transmission and distribution wherever a necessity in the country's economic endeavor.

The President on her part said Ethiopia is ready to host potential investors with due focus on societal needs.

President Sahle-Work also held talks with Ms. Gillian Mellsop, UNICEF Ethiopia Country Representative.

The point of discussion was focused on supporting street children and other vulnerable groups of children as well as young people, according to Office of the President.

They discussed on issues how to identify the reasons that cause children to go to the streets and how alleviate their problems in advance.

In other development, the President met with Institute of International Education (IIE) representatives.

IIE states that it is working with main focus on equipping female students with necessary skills and knowledge before they join universities.

It further expressed that it has been successful with what it has done so far in some schools in Addis Ababa.

The President on her part expressed that she is happy with what IIE has been successful on girls. There is a long way to support girls and government is keen to assist IIE activities, she added.

The President also received a delegation led by Ms. Cynthia Samuel Olonjuwon, ILO Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa.

Ethiopia aspires to be a hub in labor-intensive manufacturing in Africa through building an industrial sector with the highest capability as the President stated during the discussion.

She further elaborated that the manufacturing is intended to be diversified, globally competitive, environmentally friendly and significantly contributing to the improvement of the living standard of our people.

President added that the government of Ethiopia is working to expand its industrialization agenda with the primary aim of creating jobs for Ethiopians and refugees as well.

She also said the government is working closely with ILO and development partners to enhance labor migration governance.

Ms. Olonjuwon on her part said ILO is to step up its effort and support to respect the rights of migrant workers with collaboration of esteemed partners like Ethiopia.

She also added that ILO is going to celebrate 100th year of its foundation.