Establishments and Evolution Establishments and Evolution

Oromia Radio and Television Organization was founded on July12, 2006 by Proclamation number 113/2006 of the Regional Government, as Oromia mass media organization. During that time, the organization was named as Oromia mass media organization, there were no media channels and it was broadcasted both Radio and TV program by renting air time from Ethiopian Radio and TV Organization (Editorial policy of ORTVO, 2009).
After two years, the construction of its own Radio and TV studio, the organization was based at Adama town and began broadcasting Radio, FM, and Television programs for regional, national and international audiences by using modern technologies. This media become competent in the country and understood as the leading media in the region. Then, the regional government named as Oromia Radio and TV Organization by the Proclamation No. 164/2011.

In 2018 Oromia Radio and Television Organization Reestablished to Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) of Oromia Regional State Proclamation No.208/2018

As stated in the proclamation, the overall purpose of its establishment was to be a preliminary media in the region and competent media who competes other media in the country.

1.Encouraging the people to freely express their opinion based on constitution of the federal Government and that of Oromia Region as well as other laws and policies.
2.Crate a conducive condition for the people of oromia region to get correct,objective adequate and quality information timely. towards the creation of national consensus on major national and regional issues.
4.Encouraging towards developing a democratic culture in economic,political and cultural activities, and towards promotion of Oromo culture,history and language.

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